Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A couple months ago Astro Nautico introduced me to 骨架的, though since first hearing dude's music both his Soundcloud and tumblr have mysteriously disappeared. The only remnants of this Long Island native's web presence are 18 tracks zipped up in a Mediafire download entitled Holograms. Astro Nautico calls the tunes "some of the smoothest, pillowy interlude type trax you'll ever hear" and I can't agree more, totally digging this one or two minute slow jam clip vibe and the unabashed references to/samples of 80s/90s soul and soft R&B (uhmm.. there's a track called "The Late 80s" AND a track called "90s"). However, the most innovative moments occur when the samples are stretched the most thin, creating this fuzzy ambient half-remembered sexual encounter vibe. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of the Astro Nautico dudes themselves but who knows. Download my favorite few below then grab the whole thing.

骨架的 - Actual Water

骨架的 - Breeze

骨架的 - Tones

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joshuatx said...

That artwork is from a great 80s album by Eddie Jobson called Theme of Secrets. Great "proto-vaporwave" album.