Monday, July 25, 2011


I know, I KNOW. I said Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 5 would be available for preorder for TWO WEEKS ONLY before I took down the links. HOWEVER in that time some crazy things have happened and a couple things have changed.

As many of you know, there was a recent burglarizing and ransacking and general invasion plus destruction of amazing Ridgewood, Queens do-it-yourself live music venue The Silent Barn. In my time living in Brooklyn this was probably my favorite place to see music, hang out with cats, check the comics library, see bands play in front of a kitchen sink, conversate in the dark basement, chug down huge outside beers and be with friends. I've probably been there about a dozen times but after my first trip it was evident how special the space was and how much history and future it had. For these reasons, I really felt compelled to make a contribution to Silent Barn's Kickstarter campaign to get the space and all its residents back on their feet.

Unfortunately I have very little money so I can't give from my pocket, but what I can and will do is keep the FBC5 preorder open for JUST ONE MORE WEEK with 50% of all gross revenue from this week going to The Silent Barn (a.k.a. if you buy a tape for $5, I will donate $2.50 to the Silent Barn Kickstarter). If you were thinking about it before and let your chance pass you by, please do reconsider and help out a fantastic live music space while treating yourself to a tape of killer new tunes. Stream the comp from bandcamp (embedded below) then download the comp FOR FREE then check the different giving levels and make a contribution not only to the production of the FBC5 physical product but to The Silent Barn as well. Thanks!


1. Tape Only -- $5.00
(pre-order for the pro-dubbed cassette, will ship within one month) *Unlimited*
2. Tape + Poster -- $6.66 *Limited 20*
(cassette + large glossy professional print of above cover art -- image by Gnarfield)
3. Tape + Personalized Mix CD -- $7.00 *Limited 20*
(cassette + one of a kind mix CD for you made by me with handsome handmade packaging)
4. Tape + Photos -- $8.08 *Very Limited*
(cassette + set of 5 unpublished disposable camera film photos from the past Fall + Winter)
5. Tape + T-Shirt -- $14.92 *Limited 8*
(Gnarfield-designed "I Bleed Weed" t-shirt printed by Radical Fortress, see image below)
(One of Everything -- Tape + Mix CD + Poster + Photos + T-Shirt)
7. For bulk orders or to choose your own combo, email iprnelson at


RadicalWhistles said...
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RadicalWhistles said...

already bought me the everything american package...Happy my money goes a cause as worthy as this. I live in queens myself but have never visited this place allthough ive seen it mentioned alot of places before. might have to take a trip down there now.