Thursday, July 28, 2011


Psyched on Yoga Records' re-release of long-lost Bobb Trimble output under the name The Crippled Dog Band whose 500 original copies were allegedly trashed in an office park dumpster. I can't say I'm terribly well versed in fellow Bay Stater Trimble (yes, the official demonyn for Massachusetts is "Bay Stater"), but a couple albums' worth of his haunting takes on psychedelic rock and folk were re-released by Secretly Canadian a few years ago after like two decades of him gaining a "cult" following. This new record of Crippled Dog Band material is just as psychedelic but more pop oriented, more heavy and more succinct according to a couple live videos of the band performing in Massachusetts in 1983. Yoga has now released "Live Wire," a killer track from the album that is so fun it shows through that the band members were 15 years old on average. Talkin' bout a searing slice of rock and roll with a shout-along chorus and samples of trains. Grab the MP3 and check those videos below, then buy the album from Yoga in a slew of formats -- vinyl record, cassette tape, compact disc AND digital download.

Bobb Trimble & The Crippled Dog Band - Live Wire

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