Thursday, July 7, 2011


Somewhere around the same week I first peeped ASAP Rocky, Noz posted some shit by Frankenstein on Tumblin Erb, some clever flows from Los Angeles by one Shakir Givens bundled up into this Rappin' Ass Nigga mixtape. The whole length is mixed up between Frankenstein raps and his shitty alter-ego mitchgonenorth, who is jokingly referred to as the superior rapper which is generally funny but his raps are so disjointed (and rarely over a beat) that I skip em. Frank himself goes in with his enthused mid-to-up-tempo flow, dropping deep NBA references (Rod Strickland "number one with a Bullet"), deep Cartoon Network references (Ed, Edd & Eddy) and generally fucking with content you'd expect a teenager to be stoked on. Oh right, and he's 17 years old. And no, the Odd Future talking point for young rappers nowadays ain't rare so Frankenstein gets that out of the way early at the end of his track "20/20," rambling on some "don't nobody want another Tyler the Creator."

Unfortunately I admit inability to name the instrumentals or know if Frankenstein himself produced any of em, but Frank is mostly seen on half-laid-back, lower fidelity beats stringing together abstract lines more easily materialized and digested over a blunt or two. This is most effective on "Cul de Sac," whose slaps at the same time remind me of "Ice Cream Paint Job" and a more grizzly Pill beat. Dude goes hard on the opener, calling out stalled-out artists like "this is where it ends, welcome to the cul de sac // you say you got drive but nothin to show for that" right before dropping one of my favorite of his one-liners -- "fuck a masseuse, I don't hold back." Check that one and a couple more choice cuts from Rappin Ass Nigga then DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING.

Frankenstein - Cul de Sac

Frankenstein - June 21st

Frankenstein - Impala '61


Anonymous said...

love that cover! this is bumpin!

Anonymous said...

that fuck a missuse line is sickk dude!