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So we meet again, Friendship Bracelet Club. Volume 5 comes about 14 months after the last edition, taking a break over the past year or so to give me some time to try to work on Triple You Tapes. However, The Club is a lot of fun so hopefully it'll become a regular feature again.

This time in addition to the free digital download we've got a few different giving levels for physical objects associated with the compilation, taking on a Kickstarter-like form. All this stuff is available now as a pre-order. This time we are gauging how many copies to make STRICTLY ACCORDING TO what we do for pre-orders, so we offer a paypal pre-order button available for TWO WEEKS ONLY, then it will be down and you won't ever be able to order the compilation in physical format. Ever again. All prices appear in United States Dollars and include shipping.

Details on Preferred Packaging Options:

1. Tape Only -- $5.00
(pre-order for the pro-dubbed cassette, will ship within one month) *Unlimited*
2. Tape + Poster -- $6.66 *Limited 20*
(cassette + large glossy professional print of above cover art -- image by Gnarfield)
3. Tape + Personalized Mix CD -- $7.00 *Limited 20*
(cassette + one of a kind mix CD for you made by me with handsome handmade packaging)
4. Tape + Photos -- $8.08 *Very Limited*
(cassette + set of 5 unpublished disposable camera film photos from the past Fall + Winter)
5. Tape + T-Shirt -- $14.92 *Limited 8*
(Gnarfield-designed "I Bleed Weed" t-shirt printed by Radical Fortress, see image below)
(One of Everything -- Tape + Mix CD + Poster + Photos + T-Shirt)
7. For bulk orders or to choose your own combo, email iprnelson at gmail.com.

Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 5


1. Free Spirit - O'Dela. Super chilled out sunrise guitar jammer from McGregor (Chocolate Bobka + The Curatorial Club) + Jonah (Real Estate, Family Portrait). Their first material on any sort of release, which I am beyond psyched to present.

2. Galapagos - Purrre. Young dude Jacob McNaughton from Arizona. Got this lil skittered electronica going on, first heard him on his Sounds Vol. 1 EP. Moving to Austin for school soon, hopefully studies don't conflict with busting out more tunes.

3. Main Attrakionz - * * * * *

4. Horse Bladder - Chased. Current Northampton, MA resident/poet/musician Elaine Kahn's Horse Bladder project teeters between pristine ambience and jarring low fidelity noise. She throws a monthly poetry reading/live music show at Flying Object in Hadley, MA. Her upcoming LP on Ecstatic Peace (No I'll Not) follows last year's Night People cassette (Nicole).

5. The Cyclist - Feel Beauty. Andrew Morisson is from Derry, Ireland. He crafts "tape throb" as The Cyclist, released his tape Bending Brass on Crash Symbols a few months ago and will drop new tunes on Leaving Records in the near future.

6. Howse - Speak Good. Howse gets down on jukey, blipped-up riddims, ominous samples and generally mind-boggling sonic environments. His first physical release is forthcoming on Astro Nautico.

7. Featureless Ghost - Take It Out (Happy New Year Remix). Eleanor Logan makes tunes as Happy New Year. She's from Australia. She lives in Brooklyn now. Featureless Ghost is Matt Weiner and Elise Tippins from Atlanta. Eleanor took the danced-blasted "Take It Out" original, flipped it, reversed it, and ended up with a real eerie jam. HNY has a 7" out soon and its release party is August 3 at Glasslands in Brooklyn.

8. Rangers - Bus To Chalco. This is Rangers' second time on a Friendship Bracelet Club comp. I'm very down with this outtake from his forthcoming double LP on Not Not Fun, a serious slow-burned open road jam that'll take you so far beyond the horizon you won't know how to get back.

9. Feast of Violet - Hinterland. Feast of Violet is Allen Taylor from Atlanta. He used to play in the band Roman Photos before they disbanded earlier this year. "Hinterland" is a tasty ambient treat for all you nature boys out there.

10. Shur - Silver Lightning. Shur is Matt Weiner (Twins, Featureless Ghost) + Chris Powers (C Powers, Mane Mane) + Charley Lanning (CH-Rom, Wo). Shur was Shrur but now they're Shur and they have a new album out sometime hopefully this year under the new name. Triple You Tapes released the Shrur album 4Shrur earlier this year on cassette, which was generally a lot weirder than this house-y cut.

11. La Big Vic - Musica Pt. 2. A companion piece to La Big Vic's beloved live staple "Musica" but this time we're revved into uptempo Kraut zones and it's sick. Their LP Actually is out now on Underwater Peoples.

12. Tonstartssbandht - Hymn-Eola (Acapella). This is the acapella version of Edwin White's "Hymn-Eola" from their recent Russian tour tape Hymn. Not an extreme distancing from the original but real cool to see what Edwin can do with the vocal effect alone.

*Main Attrakionz track will appear on the physical version only*


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