Thursday, July 28, 2011


So the homie howse turned me on to Vinh Ngan, a dude he knows through Ben Keating a.k.a. Palmistry who he knew from school who now lives in London (yeah, I was confused too). howse remixed Ngan's "Po" as Rain Mayne, which is available for free download on Soundcloud. The track pits Ngan's deadpan vocal against the Mayne's ominous metallic gun-clicking and bass rumble. Aside from that tune there's just one more, "Sun Hing J," a quieter and more restrained piece that's just as creepy, complete with autotuned words spoken in a language I do not understand. Hoping for more to come...

Po (Rain Mayne Mix) by Vinh Ngan

Sun Hing J by Vinh Ngan

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