Thursday, August 4, 2011

1:34 AM

1:34 am from LAM Music on Vimeo.

Got a random email from Yuri Katowskey, who I guess is one half of Moscow production duo Vladik, who is responsible for the above song and video. It's unclear whether this is one piece or a sampler of their forthcoming release, but the song and video for "1:34 AM" float around a sound that's gotten my iPod all hot this year, some mutant combination of wobbled-up Hype Williams bass ambience and decades old found-video fashion. According to the label, a full version of this song/release will be available in late August so catch a taste of Vladik and sit tight for more.

Vladik — 1:34 AM by polskamorda

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Anonymous said...

feel wet after this one