Thursday, August 18, 2011


Cupp Cave has basically been killing it all year. Not that he's released a terribly large amount of tunes under the name, but everything I hear from the Belgian is gold. His Dice Pool EP, released by Vlek, boasted four Lone-leaning raver cuts. He masterfully remixed Holy Other's "Touch." He remixed fellow Belgian Dynooo's track "Espirit Sweat" for his recent Surf Kill full-length Vvideo Hair. He's got a pretty steady stream of Soundcloud uploads going, including dawnbreak jammer "Sun Tag," which he dropped "about 1 month ago."

Now Dynooo has returned the remix favor, taking on Cupp's "Pear Pressure," an outtake from Dice Pool that XLR8R posted back in May. The original is a solid weirdo rave tune, wouldn't be out of place on the EP. Dynooo's remix takes it to another level, upping the psychedelics and burying the track in partially confusing percussion jukes. Another Belgian Sagat also remixed one of Cupp's tracks, "Mind Bones," for Vlek Records as they celebrated Belgian National Day last month. Sagat has a 7" and an EP out on Vlek this fall.

CuppCave - Pear Pressure (Dynooo's Tropic Owl Version) by DYNOOO

Cupp Cave - Pear Pressure

Sun Tag by cuppcave

Cupp Cave's Mind Bones (Sagat remix) by vlek



Holy Other - Touch (Cupp Cave Remix)

Cupp Cave DICE POOL EP - A1 Thoughtograph by vlek

Cupp Cave - DICE POOL EP - B1 Hypersport by vlek

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