Friday, August 19, 2011


NNA Tapes officially got into releasing vinyl records this past spring with the Magnified Palette 12" from Diamond Catalog, a.k.a. Hubbard, Oregon's Lala Conchita R. and Pat Maherr (a.k.a. DJ Yo Yo Dieting, a.k.a. Indignant Senility, etc). The duo craft a dark version of dance music blurred to obscurity behind chugging electronics and haunted whizzes of noise, crossing way more into danceable territories on this years record than on their last tape We Are 138BPM. NNA has offered up "Valveneration" for free download. Also check out the promotional video featuring an alternate version of album cut "Aries Vieweight."

Diamond Catalog - Valveneration

Now NNA is set to release their second slice of vinyl, Innercity's "Dada Les Apocalypses" / "The Pyramids Of Northeast Belgium" 7" on August 29. Innercity is Hans Dens from Belgium. He has releases on labels like Not Not Fun and Upstairs CDR, though I have heard none of his previous work. "The Pyramids Of Northeast Belgium" melds tinkling electronics, new age swells and distant house propulsion into a soothing yet alien take on mutant psychedelia.

Innercity - The Pyramids of Northeast Belgium

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