Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's kind of really great when a band makes like two songs which are both really hot and then everyone likes them and then the band doesn't immediately vomit out a bunch of similar songs for some quickly thrashed together debut album on some subpar label that can't help them enough to actually be an awesome band but instead they let shit sift out, simmer for a couple years and find out exactly what they want to be doing. Sort of like Trailer Trash Tracys, who dropped some serious jams back in 2009 with "Strangling Good Guys" and "Candy Girl" and are now planning on releasing their debut album early next year on Double 6 / Domino. The first song to surface from the album is "Dies in 55," a fairly huge departure from those first couple Jesus and Mary Chain fuzz-gazers. This new one sounds like singer Suzanne Aztoria is being backed by spliff-high Beach Boy angels, which I guess ends up sounding a bit like Beach House but way better... which is weird cos none of the song reminds me of beaches at all. Anyway, check it out and sit tight for a bunch of months for the LP.

Trailer Trash Tracys - Dies in 55

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. I think if they did an album that was JAMC et al. it would have been even more disapointing....i think they are still trying to find their ground, or make their own!