Monday, August 8, 2011


So I'm listening to this Moon Glyph 2011 Sampler free download that the Minneapolis label sent over 1.5 weeks ago and I'm really enjoying the galactic synthesizer cuts, some serious space music perfect for 2:39 AM. What was most attractive to me about this comp was the thought of new FORMA material I hadn't heard ("FORMA 145A"), but the huge ten-minute Food Pyramid track "ATM" is rubbing me all nice in my weirdo ambient prog workout zone. Other highlights for me include an excerpt from a Lee Noble set on KXLU radio called "Tattooed Eyes In Jail" and a couple especially bizarre selections from Ghostband and Tender Meat. Download the whole thing HERE after you taste a few samples.


Food Pyramid - ATM

Lee Noble - Tattooed Eyes In Jail (KXLU Excerpt)

Ghostband - Melusine

Tender Meat - Brenda's Closet

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