Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Fact Magazine posted a preview of the new one-sided Lone single on Wigflex. It is called "All Those Weird Things" and the 76 second clip offered up by the label sounds sick, some warped-up psychedelic techno to get you rolling without any pills at all.

Lone "All those weird things" (clip) by Wigflex

This was the first time I heard of Nottingham label Wigflex. The Lone single will be their fifth release, following last year's HZA EP by Hizatron a.k.a. Joshua Harvey, also from Nottingham. The entire EP is streaming from Soundcloud and I'm really digging it in the same way as I dig the newer Lone material -- psychedelic and relentless pulsed out techno that hits me in a weird way cos I'm not too well-versed in techno in general but I know I like this. Anyway, here's my favorite track from that EP followed by one newer beat from his Soundcloud.

Hizatron "Klondyke" by Wigflex

Oblong by Hizatron


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