Thursday, June 30, 2011


Been jamming Eric Copeland's new record Waco Taco Combo pretty hard over the past week or so after catching word over at Altered Zones that it just dropped on Denmark's Escho Records. As many of you know, Eric Copeland records and performs solo under his own name in addition to recording and performing with supreme noise staple Black Dice. I've never gotten too deep into Copeland's records but I was lucky enough to experience one of his live sets at Market Hotel a couple CMJs ago and it completely blew everything else I saw that week out of the water.

In his AZ "Zoned In" piece, Michael C. Powell refers to Black Dice as "the noise band for people who like pop music" while flipping the descriptor on Copeland, tagging his sound as "pop music for the noise kids." I generally agree with this statement, though I'd go further and say I get a serious sense of junked funk and obliterated dance cuts from the Escho release. The label has been kind enough to let us share a free download of mid-album bangpiece "Krankendudel," one of the more dancey tracks of the bunch. I'm talking a blown out and molassessed (my new word -- don't fuck wit me) club jam that completely folds in on itself a bit past the halfway mark only to ooze back into a natty (notty) groove just seconds later. Want to weed out the true vibers at your next dancefloor function? Drop the needle on this guy.

Eric Copeland - Krankendudel


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Dope album. Shameless plug:

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