Friday, June 17, 2011


I've been real caught up in Lone's Echolocations EP, which dropped this past March on R&S. It was recommended I check this one out after speaking with howse about Cupp Cave and his new Dice Pool EP. I had seen comparisons between the two elsewhere and Echolocations proved all them RIYLs right. Just last nite I decided on my favorite track, "Rapid Racer," a futuristic beatblast on hyperspeed, unrelenting shit that touches on so many danced-out tropes it's amazing how original it feels. Everything about the song, and the entire EP for that matter, would be a prime aide for a late-nite drive you need to get caffeinated and stay awake for or a sweat-gushed basement rager you don't want to end. Personally, I've just been enjoying in headphones. Check my couple favorites below then stream the whole thing at Soundcloud.

Lone - Rapid Racer by GammaRay

Lone - Coreshine Voodoo by GammaRay



Speaking of Cupp Cave, dude remixed Holy Other's "Touch" along with Matthewdavid, Supreme Cuts and Blood Diamonds as a supplement to the With U EP on Tri-Angle Records. Cupp Cave's remix sounds more like Ssaliva than the new Cupp Cave stuff. Matthewdavid's is pretty intense. Check out those two below then grab the rest at Abeano.

Holy Other - Touch (Cupp Cave Remix)

Holy Other - Touch (Matthewdavid Remix)

(via Fader via Abeano)

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