Thursday, June 16, 2011


n e s t - smoke signals from miko revereza on Vimeo.

This morning Miko Revereza sent over "Smoke Signals," a new analog video/improvised sound art piece with visuals by Revereza and sound by n e s t, a collaboration between yuk. and Barefoot Shrubs. Like all of Revereza's work that we've featured here, he's using analog equipment to create abstract and psychedelic video edits, this time featuring ten minutes of movement in shades of white and grey. We see images reminiscent of electron microscopes zoomed in on hair follicles ten million times, obscured by spotlights on spectral glow. The accompanying soundtrack by n e s t is an extended ambient jam that suits the video perfectly, a bit less chaotic than previous works printed in these pages by Barefoot Shrubs' predecessor Dejenga Elo (see post) and devoid of slapped beats like some of yuk.'s other stuff (see: a d w a, his Leaving Records release + his Mane Mane remix). Miko said the video's really close to him so find ten minutes during which you won't be distracted and enjoy it for real.

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