Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last month I downloaded a Mediafire of all of ASAP Rocky's material to that point called Deep Purple from Tumblin Erb. Dude raps over "Bittersweet Symphony" and that's okay. He's from Harlem and he talks about fucking different girls all around the world on "Been Around The World." He also goes in on some syrupy dumb shit on the screwed version. Another track, "Uptown," features a sample of Lil Wayne talking about how uptown he is from the Drake song "Uptown" with Bun B + Wayne from the So Far Gone mixtape, gettin way bounced-up unlike the slow-rollin original. Since then I've heard one more song without trying very hard, "Wassup" produced by Clams Casino. Peep on his best shit below then download Deep Purple.

ASAP Rocky - Been Around The World

ASAP Rocky ft. TY Nast, Two Twelve Mel - Uptown

ASAP Rocky - Wassup (produced by Clams Casino)


Can we talk about how nobody smokes weed even once in the video for "Get High" ?

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