Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Big up to Raven Sings the Blues for a preview of the new Edibles record Other Minds Meet Inner Space, out now on DNT Records. Edibles is a project of Dewey Mahood from Eternal Tapestry and Plankton Wat. Last year he released two tapes, one on Not Not Fun and one a split with Duck Dive on Stunned Records. New track "Mind Fry," which is apparently an Edibles live staple, plumes forth from the end of a toasted spliff much like some of Sun Araw's more boogie-ed out burners. This new one is more immediately funky and engaging than NNF tape Super Space / Mind Peace which oftentimes drifts into the background and lets itself be passed over. I think it's the faint vocal murmurs that bring "Mind Fry" to the forefront, a human element to separate the sound from Edibles' other deep, laid-back jungle grooves. Check the track then BUY the record.

Edibles - Mind Fry

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