Monday, June 13, 2011


Something like a month and a half ago one of FBUS's favorite futuristic juke lords howse sent over some jams from his buddy James who goes by The Range. Dude also DJs on Boston's WZBC and runs a label called sqwal. His tunes are a bit juke-styled and, like howse, very atmospheric and brooding. My favorite track from his EP is "The Big Di," which has been bothering me since I first heard it in April. Shit gets going super heavy with all them low-end juke stabs, making your feet work before sort of trailing off into what consistently reminds me of the calm right before the storm, or some completely comfortable period of extended foreplay. Eventually the beat comes back strong as ever, little vocal blips scattered all over the track's final breakneck minute, some mist rain over Tokyo shit. Check the track then download the whole EP.

The Range - The Big Dip

(image via Google Search)

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