Thursday, June 23, 2011


This past March I posted about Cankun, the looped-up psychedelic outfit of Archers By The Sea's Vincent Caylet. I mentioned his Not Not Fun tape Jaguar Dance and likened it to some of the earlier Ducktails material and older Rangers tapes like Low Cut Fades. Cankun's new disc on Hands in the Dark Records, Ethiopian Dreams, comes off as yet another take on those couple-few-years-old Not Not Fun releases, this time momentarily channeling Beach Head-y Sun Araw on "Your Fingers the Snakes" and a decidedly less Amazonian High Wolf on songs like "Laser Dance" and most of "Let's Say Quiet." The video for "Plans For the Sun" puts it pretty simply: this is music for leisure, miniature soundtracks made to take you far away on a massive jet plane to some sparkling coast with white sand and coconut cocktails and all that. Totally cheesy but pretty relaxing, nice for the past two whole days of fucking rain. Check a download of "Your Fingers the Snakes" below as well as the clip by Moduli TV then grab yourself a copy.

Cankun - Your Fingers the Snakes

CANKUN - Plans For The Sun from Moduli TV on Vimeo.

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