Wednesday, March 23, 2011


[EDITOR'S NOTE: This was requested last Wednesday a.k.a. when it was waaay more relevant BUT for real, there was no radio last week and this is a very important request to be made whenever so LET ME RIDE.]

RIP NATE DOGG. I'LL ALWAYS HAVE SIXTEEN IN THE CLIP & ONE IN THE HOLE OF MY METAPHORICAL LIFE GUN. I SMOKE LIKE YOU SMOKE, LIKE EVERYDAY. BUT TODAY, TODAY, THE 213 IS GOING TO REGULATE (on my bong, not on like, hos on the curb or people with real life guns because I mean, I'm tough for a bloggin' ass bitch but that shit does not pull in Compton [I hear]).

Warren G - Regulate Ft. Nate Dogg

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