Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yeah, I know this was released like eight months ago but honestly I hadn't heard anything from the U.K.'s Bad Autopsy since he sent over a couple demos early last year. However, last night someone tweeted something about Bad Autopsy remixing Nguzunguzu's "Rec Loose" alongside Girl Unit and Brenmar for the new Mirages Remixes album so I searched for a Soundcloud, found one and dug in.

(You might remember dude's track "Formal Invite" from the very first Friendship Bracelet Club compilation. If you do, and you're like me and haven't followed him closely since, "Gin Mixer" might be a rude awakening.)

"Gin Mixer" appears with two others on the Bad Autopsy 12", which is still available from Ramp Recordings. While "Formal Invite" wobbled along on a fairly lighthearted/sensual tip, the new tracks are more extreme, pounding and penetrating, especially "Gin Mixer," which is riddled with maliciously chopped vocals, metal-cold tombstone groans and insistent hi-speed percussion whipped into the tightest of shape. Dangerously fit.

GIN MIXER (ramp 041) by Bad Autopsy



Bad Autopsy - Formal Invite

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