Friday, March 25, 2011


Aguirre is a new project from Gryphon Myers and Elon Katz of White Car. Yesterday, NNA Tapes sent over "Layphi," a single slice of warped, downtempo synthesizer grooves and sputterings the label refers to as "extra-terrestrial club music." For real though -- if you're looking to spin this jam at a club that does NOT reside in outer space, I suggest doing so very, very late. Probably play it after the fog machine has malfunctioned to the extent that, in all the haze, club-goers simply cannot find the DJ booth to tell you to turn that shit off and turn on fucking "Round and Round" for the seventh time.

But seriously, I can't wait to hear this whole cassette. New Sects is out now on NNA Tapes -- your copy is but a couple clicks away. If you're super antsy for more tunes, you can stream another (slightly more fucked up) album sample below and then head over to the Aquirre Web Presence Music Section and download a one-off spazz track called "Needs Nothing" for the price of an email address.

Aguirre - Layphi

NNA026: Aguirre "New Sects" [sample] by nnatapes



White Car dude's other other project STREETWALKER is playing a Pendu show tonite at Secret Project Robot with Gatekeeper and Innergaze. Peep the flyer HERE, then stream the whole STREETWALKER tape OOZE, out now on Catholic Tapes.

OOZE by Streetwalker

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