Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Clams Casino dropped an "instrumental mixtape" yesterday (via), highlighting some tracks he's produced in the past for rappers like Lil B, Soulja Boy and Main Attrakionz dude Squadda B. Clams Casino must be most well known for his production of Lil B's "I'm God," but there's a lot of promising stuff here.

Recently, Clams produced a couple tracks on Squadda B's I Smoke Because I Don't Care About Death mixtape, "Fakest Year Ever" and the first third of "Kissin On My Syrup." This was when I first started taking notice. Yeah, like a month ago. Yeah, I know - "I'm God" is from 2009. But you don't always hear a producers name (unless your watermark is mad apparent like Lex Luger's), and that's one little detail I've been digging about the Green Ova crew and the Odd Future crew. They're super forthright with which one of their guys produced the track. They want everyone to get the credit they deserve. You open that file in your iTunes and all the information is laid out in front of you in the track name section. I feel that.

Anyway. I don't think I've heard any of these mixtape tracks with the vocals over them at all, which is kind of nice cos trying to imagine vocals here is tough. The arrangements are so nice and pristine, its hard to imagine what Lil B's mouth would do here. The air is void of "swag" and void of "woo" and void of threats to "fuck your bitch." These are melancholic times for up and coming rap producers, apparently. Lucky for Clams, he's got a nice little niche of slightly-darker flows to handle.

Check out a couple sample instrumentals (including one track that's in the Sendspace download that is completely unnamed but bangs louder than any of the other tracks) then download the whole mixtape.

Clams Casino - Motivation (Lil B)

Clams Casino - I'm Official (Squadda B)

Clams Casino - Brainwash By London (The Jealous Guys)

Clams Casino - Untitled

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So What ?Di Khrap said...

Anychance that mixtape will be re up? The Sendspace is down :X