Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I woke up this morning, totally hung over, and realized a couple things. First, that I was definitely not working out. Secondly, that I managed to break my full length mirror last night. And lastly, that it is Wednesday & that I hadn't written in my request, mostly because I came home from work early yesterday and proceeded to get started on the endeavor that started this whole mess -- me, wine, and a bottle of Jim Beam without a cap.

Today I am requesting Felt's "Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow."
The lyrics are just really important to me & always seem super relevant.

You're trying to fool somebody, but you end up fooling yourself
You're reading from the Book of the Dead but you don't know what is about
I listened to you now maybe you'll listen to me
You're trying much to hard to make your world seem like a dream
You're stepping out of something
Yeah, you're stepping out of line
Stop making a movie of it
Oh it's just my style
Stop sitting around and thinking
You're gonna do no good
I thought your poetry was sometimes good

How amazing, right?
I know! I could live off this song forever!

Unfortunately, for some reason, I couldn't find the album version I have on YouTube [although it is on my latest mix if you want to hear it (nice, organic plug right?)] so this will have to do. I mean, this is OKAY, but the album version is so much better. It's a deeper tone, much better quality I think personally. The ones on the internet have different lyrics (Reading from a season in hell? Does that even make sense? NO, BUT LIKE OKAY) & have backup singers & strings & shit. The video to this one is pretty dope though, so you know, I guess everything in life is a give & take.

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Devin said...

Hey, I am obsessed with this track too. There were actually 10 different versions of it released. I posted them all last month here: