Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sacremento's Raleigh Moncrief recently dropped a new track "Lament For Morning" on his Twitter account from his yet-to-be-releaed debut full-length album Watered Lawn. The new song sounds bit more down-trodden than some of his older, more ecstatic work surrounding hip hop and beat music, this time calling for a span of cold arpeggiated synthesizers before giving way to the beat. I've been following RM since October 2009 when he released his Combed Over Chrome EP, five tracks of heavily psychedelic hip hop jams from the land of E.T. In 2010 he released a couple more EPs, Carpal Tunnels (Instrumentals) and Vitamins, as well as a 2 X 7" split on Life's Blood with Zach Hill, Mason Lindahl and Ellie Fortune. His contribution there, "You and Me, Baby," features some seriously chopped Dirty Projectors-style angellic vocal workouts, which comes as no surprise after learning RM worked on the DP's critically acclaimed Bitte Orca LP. Unfortunately, there's neither a release date for Watered Lawn nor a label for it to call home at this time, but note that the dude just finished producing the new Ganglians record so hopefully that turns some more heads towards his solo work.

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