Monday, March 28, 2011


Paranoid Altantan mutant pop duo Featureless Ghost have been steadily bulking up their credentials since they dropped their first digital single a couple months ago. Later, they released a video for one of the songs, "Scanproof," which premiered on Altered Zones and Pitchfork TV. Next, a couple even weirder Youtube clips popped up on their official website, "Hilite" and "Brain Dive," continuing to focus on faded, retro-futuristic representations of human life while holding it down on a more ambient musical level. These audiovisual shorts will be compiled into a VHS/cassette mini-album sometime in the near future.

Featureless Ghost's new single "Take It Out" takes a big turn from the most recent videos, a dark and propulsive synthesizer jam that channels Jay Ski's classic "C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)," taking what I could swear is a hyper-familiar rhythm and embellishing with loads of extra drum sounds, synthetic whizzes and multilingual monotones with a sing-song chorus. Download the track below and hold tight - the album should be completed in a matter of weeks and, while they have not found a label home, they are looking to release the full-length this year on vinyl. I also just heard the two are working on a more "housed-out" live set and are looking to travel up the East Coast to New York in late May, so check in soon for potential tour dates.

Featureless Ghost - Take It Out

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