Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I was reminded about High Wolf's label Winged Sun Records by the Leaving Records Twitter account. Straight Cassette, the first tape/CDR/free download by Black Zone Myth Chant in a series of three, caught me by the throat and has refused to let go. These are some dark and cavernous meditative jams complete with deeped-out vocals unintelligible to the untrained human ear. Perhaps these are the "forgotten prayers" in the "forgotten language" the label refers to in their label blurb, though at its most droning the utterances take on a repetitious monotone more suited for a funeral dirge. Not a mournful shuffle, however... more of a ritual celebration of the body returning to the Earth that birthed it, buried naked and casket-free, celebrating all the ants and worms that will pass through the tissue and grow into Earth's next wave of hippie-warriors.

For these reasons, the label issues a warning:

"Don't be surprised if you start to destroy televisions and burn your fashion clothes, grow weed and read books."

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