Thursday, March 10, 2011


Peter's House Music "The Mirror Has Two Faces" from All Hands Electric on Vimeo.

Peter Schuette, a.k.a. Peter's House Music, just released a new video for his song "The Mirror Has 2 Faces" from last year's Jump EP on All Hands Electric. The clip is beautifully shot by Brett Milspaw, taking on a day-in-the-life sort of vibe as it follows a couple people around the city including Peter himself (long hair, mustache). He takes some photos, plays with puppies behind glass, gets his portrait sketched and generally is very tall (apparently he's wearing stilts). Really dig the wide shots of the city bustle.

Peter also plays in Silk Flowers, who are currently on tour in California, then a couple dates in Detroit and Canada before heading back to the Northeast. Silk Flowers also made me a killer mix for the Friendship Bracelet Friendship Club series, which was just re-posted on Altered Zones yesterday.

Peter's House Music - The Mirror Has 2 Faces

Silk Flowers - Small Fortune (Peter's House Music Remix)

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