Tuesday, March 1, 2011


For one, that's the best idea for a nails-did graphic I've ever seen.

For two, this "Amnesia" jam by Supreme Cuts is killer. We've got a six-minute piece of what they call "Future RnB," which must be a sped up R&B we're accustomed to with vocal cuts straight out of some Gold Panda track, then extended on a rolling loud-soft dynamic til ripening. There's some quality that comes off more bent and warped and fucked up, which reminds me of a futuristic Mane Mane. In this future everything can sound warped without sounding warbled, everything can sound bent without ever sounding unclean. Present-day ravers will age into the future's amnesiacs and this song will soundtrack their descent.

As of now, I know nothing about Supreme Cuts except that they're from Chicago. However, since they're the purveyors of this track, I'm about to try and find out more.

Amnesia by Supreme Cuts

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