Thursday, March 31, 2011


Horsebladder live at the Beach House in a dream from elaine kahn on Vimeo.

Horse Bladder is the recording project of current Northampton, Massachusetts resident Elaine Kahn. That video up there is from like two years ago, but she's got a new record out soon on Ecstatic Peace called Not I'll Not and was cool to let us share a song from it, "Pioneer." The track continues with the past few days' more downtrodden trend around these pages, cruising muddily through blown-out harmonies and molasses-paced synthesizer leans. A bit abrasive at times, unlike some of her earlier recordings found on the Night People-released Nicole c32, which is still available for purchase.

Horse Bladder has a "teeny tour" in order for April, though I only know of two dates. The first is at the East/Northampton, MA LadyFest on the first night, April 15, opening a show that includes U.S. Girls and Talk Normal at Smith College's Davis Ballroom. The second is April 22 as part of Ecstatic Peace's half-month residency at The Stone in Manhattan. Download "Pioneer" below, then check out an older track "Go Away."

Horse Bladder - Pioneer

Horse Bladder - Go Away

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