Monday, November 8, 2010


My request is the song "Ghost Riders In The Sky" performed by Susan Christie. First of all, aside from the song just being mad dope, I really like this Susan Christie character. I feel like I can really relate to her because she released this goofy, novelty song in '66 called "I Love Onions." I'm not super well versed in novelty jams of the mid sixties, but this moderately more successful band called The Lemon Pipers had some songs about rice & marmalade in like '67 & '68, so I bet the onions idea seemed like an okay career move at the time, but it tooootttttally fucked her. Like no one would touch her after that even though she was mad talented because of how successful her song about onions was. Sometimes a broad just wants to be funny, ya know? They also might want to express their love of root vegetables every once in awhile! Doesn't mean she doesn't have real emotions & thoughts & cohesive art to make in her day, WHICH SHE DID! She recorded a full length, Paint A Lady, and a whole three copies were pressed in early 1970.

Then, she just dropped off.

Like, she doesn't even have a Wiki page.

All because she wrote a silly little diddy about fucking vegetables.

Anyway, Susan Christie is awesome and for everyone who's been searching for some crunchy country-psych this fall, well, YOU ARE WELCOME... on behalf of my Dudefriend because as much as I would love to say that I was sifting through stacks of strewn records at the local thrift store & found this gem, I must give credit where credit is due and Dudefriend showed me this. I am so blessed that at the same time I was taken out by a tidal chillwave, he came along to keep me grounded in my favorite genre, "obscure 60's & 70's that will impress people." He doesn't call it that though. He calls it like "folk" or something.

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1. Susan Christie's Paint a Lady seems to have ACTUALLY only been released as three vanity copies in 1970. Luckily, Finders Keepers Records got ahold of one and re-released it in 2006.

2. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" was originally written by Stan Jones in 1948. It is a cowboy song, the story apparently plucked from a tale told to Jones by an old cowboy when he was twelve years old. For a partial list of people who have recorded versions click here. I fancy this Johnny Cash version:

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