Monday, November 15, 2010


Over a month ago I got a real sparse email from someone who goes by the name of برج خليفة. He or she provided a tumblr and some downloads and that's it. The tumblr itself was also sparse, consisting of just a couple streaming songs with accompanying downloads and terrifying landscape images of Dubai.

The name is Arabic for "Burj Khalifa," a.k.a. the tallest building in the world. The wikipedia page also notes that the structure houses the world's highest swimming pool (76th floor), the world's highest outdoor observation deck (124th floor) and the world's highest mosque (158th floor). All five of the pieces available for download are exactly 8:28 in length, in dedication to the building's height of 828 meters.

Anyway, the music itself is very soothing - huge washes of spacious crystalline sound. I imagine this is the soundtrack of eternal loneliness, the sound of an absolutely gigantic display of human architectural competition that's rented out only 75 of its 900 apartments ten months after its opening. The sound is appropriately icy against Dubai's deserted imagery. The pieces don't really go anywhere and as of now we don't know where they really came from and that's just fine.

Check out Dubai Horizons tumblr and maybe it'll get updated again sometime soon.

برج خليفة - 2

برج خليفة - 3

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