Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Triple You Tapes has two new releases for sale today through their online store. UUU's third release comes from Wicked Fag, a rock and roll/punk/pop music project from Pittsfield, Massachusets native and Werewolves of Pittsfield member Vincent Ditore. The EP runs just six tracks, but you'll find yourself spinning this one back again and again - rumbling bass lines drive the whole tape, monster hooks litter each song, Vince's deep croon drops to the low-end, allowing harmonica, organ and sparse guitar parts to fill every conceivable space. This makes for a seriously warm piece of low-fidelity rock and roll, likely to leave you wanting more. Don't worry - you can always hit rewind and play it again. Check out "Spiky Sharp & Needle Belt" from Triple You Tapes' SUUUMMUUUR SAMPLUUUR as well as a new download, "(Don't) Dream and Drive!"


Wicked Fag - Spiky Sharp & Needle Belt

Wicked Fag - (Don't) Dream and Drive!

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