Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Matt Lajoie (Cursillistas, Herbcraft, Planets Around the Sun) is on an even spacier tip than his other musics with his Endless Caverns project. This is some real nice echoing going on in between my two headphones, hollowing out my skull and replacing it with one of these endless caverns. Just a bit of water trickling through, just enough to keep me and all the new inhabitants of my new head-space alive and well. There's bats and worms and beetles and those weird salamanders that aren't colored cos they never see daylight and they don't have eyes cos they never see daylight and maybe they eat the beetles but it's okay cos the beetles are always replenished because the cave is endless.

Dude's got a whole album's worth of these that are ready to be released but he doesn't have a label for it yet. I believe it's called Raga Tin. He has released Endless Cavern's Magi Hymnal tape on his own label L'animaux Tryst Field Recordings and dropped the Chakra Ledge tape on Cabin Floor Esoterica. Most recently, he put out a split tape with Tempera, also on his own label. His half of the split is called "Bagism" and can be heard/watched below, recorded live in Portland, Maine back in March (complete with visuals by id m theft able).

Sensei Deprivation II [Guitars in the Sun] by Endless Caverns

Endless Caverns @ Strange Maine 03-26-2010 from Dylan Palme on Vimeo.

(image via Google Search)

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