Monday, November 22, 2010


I guess it's sort of hard to define exactly what it is that Northampton trio Sylphid does that interests me so much. Maybe it's the entirely improvised approach. Maybe it's because I had chances to see them play in Northampton before or something and missed out (they claim to use "broken Pee Wee Herman dolls" and "flipping the pages of children's books" to create sounds in their live shows). Maybe it's because all the twinkling reminds me of impending snow. Maybe it's because I have a mega headache and these Soundcloud streams are working hard to soothe it away.

Either way, the dudes have a split cassette out soon on Grinding Tapes with Seer Group, also from Massachusetts. Check some streams from the split and drift off into the air like a true Sylph.

B.10.23.09 by sylphid

A.04.16.10 by sylphid

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