Monday, November 22, 2010


First heard Dream Drunk over at Don't Die Wondering a few weeks ago when I was at a stupid Starbucks in Manhattan cos my internet at my apartment was down. The track posted over there was "ACIDZ" which I guess used a sample of Richard Pryor telling his story about acid ("took me five years to come down off of that shit") with weird electronic zips and whizzes backing it. This idea is fine, nothing wrong with beefing up a classic story of some dork-zone white dude giving Richard Pryor acid before he goes to a party or something.

However, the rest of his pay-what-you-want album Yksnyzorots is a bit weirder - track volumes fluctuate, causing loud bursts of sound at the beginning of songs after you've turned up your computer speaker volume a bit. There's no real songs, more like schizophrenic mood pieces for the most out-there sci-fi films ever created. Or strange experiments with buzzing musical/sequential devices by a non-musician. It's not entirely electronic - we find bits and pieces of acoustic strumming among the off-putting electric spasms and samples. There is no continuity and little similarity between all 16 tracks, making for a truly strange study in discomfort.

An example: the song "Have You Ever Been Sleeping...?" sounds like when you're listening to iTunes and some other window pops up and makes sounds and you get confused til you close that other window, except there's a ton of windows and you can't close them. Samples include Jimi Hendrix, Panda Bear, Ducktails, Passion Pit... yeah, I'm confused too. Oh, and then the following track is a take on "Regulate" if you weren't through with digesting pop culture blenderized.

Check out a few samples that rose to the top once boiled down, and if this whole thing intrigues you check the bandcamp.

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