Monday, November 15, 2010


A couple weeks ago, Leaving Records posted a 22-minute MP3 of "tape-driven compositions" from Delofi. Dude sent them a tape of beat-scapes, they dug it, I dig it, you should check it out. Furthermore, dude has a deep Soundcloud of beats, a few of which were just upped in the last couple days. Note that these are mere pieces of beats, and a couple of the Soundcloud streams say "instrumental" next to their titles. These are dense chunks of could-be weirdo hip hop tracks, ready and waiting for someone brave enough to spit over them. I'm ready to hear what these pieces could evolve into.

Dude also remixed Leaving Records killerman Oscar McClure as well as dropping a collaborative track with him.

Check out a couple of my favorite parts of Leaving's Delofi tape stream then check some of them Soundclouds.

Leaving Delofi excerpt 1 (2:41-3:31)

Leaving Delofi excerpt 2 (17:24-20:48)

003 - Colored Blocks (Instrumental) by Delofi

brownbags by Delofi

hoopdreamin'... by Delofi

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