Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here's the second of two releases out today on Triple You Tapes, available for purchase through their online store.

Persona La Ave's Brothers Was Taken tape is a monument of many, many demos Dylan Dawkins sent me over the Spring and Summer of 2010, eventually filling out into 10 full-fledged songs (plus 2 remixes) to create one completely full c42 featuring contributions from friends Mat Cothran and Rachel Levy. The dude has a real knack for grooves and will be sure to turn your late autumn/early winter chills into balmy oases of bubbling bass, sensual harmonies and hip-shaking rhythms. The tape sees two very different remixes of the first PLA song I ever heard, "Beach." The first side concludes with Baron Rogue's version, an even more warped take on the original with a killer vocal sample evolving in all the right places. The second side ends with Gobble Gobble's remix, an ecstatic version of a formerly subdued slow-burner.

Grab a couple downloads below, check the video for "Dunes" and order up a tape.

Persona La Ave - Beach

Persona La Ave - Beach (Gobble Gobble Remix)

Persona La Ave - Backroads

Persona La Ave // Dunes from Jarred Beeler on Vimeo.

(cover art by Gnarfield)

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