Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So it's kind of freaking me out just how much this new Hype Williams track "Businessline" reminds me of a combo platter of the last two songs I posted in these pages, reheated in the microwave midnite snack style from a couple leftover take-out containers. Like the last jam, this one was lifted from No Fear of Pop (use the Twitter).

I've never posted about these guys before, mainly cos it always sounds super druggy and snarky and weird and I've got a tough time wrapping my head around it all. Like the sobbing that sprouts up over the entirety of "Chatline." Or the sobbing that turns up in the third track of the b-side of their Carnivals 12" (sold out). Or their obsession with Drake (see this - also their 7" Do Roids and Kill E'ryting is an anagram for D.R.A.K.E. - also there's a Drake-sampling/screwing track on said 7" called "Ooovrrr"). I think I've only listened to them in wee morning hours, which is when I suggest you check em out too.

Moving forward, Hype Williams have one 12" record out this month on Destijl Records called Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite And Start Gettin’ Reel and another, untitled, out March 2011 on Hippos In Tanks. If you're in Netherlands, U*K, Senegal or Greece, check out their dates listed on Myspace. Here's a list of things you can check out from the duo in the mean time:

Hype Williams - Businessline by nofearofpop.net

hype williams - the throning by dennafrances

Hype Williams' Youtube channel

Two downloads from No Fear of Pop

Three downloads from POPOP

Hype Machine search for "Hype Williams"

(image via FAT DUDES via voodoovoodoo courtesy Carene Souhy)

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