Friday, November 12, 2010


Yeah yeah, I know the end of Summer was like two months ago but it's only been a few weeks since Wigflip Records sent over their FREE Wigflip End of Summer 2010 compilation. Jam packed with Wigflip favorites (Run DMT, Do While, Inflatable Mattress, Happy Family) and associates (matthewdavid, Dem Hunger, Kingfisherg), the label claims "you can smoke an ounce to this." Over the 19 tracks we find a vast spread of warm sounds, ranging from quieter, more Autumnal pieces (The Dene Road, Dygn) to mind-blasting ambient stews (matthewdavid + Run DMT, Do While), from dense hip hop scapes (Ohbliv, Dirty Universe, 10th Letter) to psychedelic pop throwbacks (Run DMT, Semya,Acid Flashback).

It's hard to pick a boiled-down list of favorites, but check out these samples below then DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING FOR FREE. Might I also mention that this is their FOURTEENTH free release, so if you haven't done so yet go over to their site/store and snatch up goodies and pre-order their two new projects, Kingfisherg's Fire Hum and The Dene Road's Whin Sill cassettes.

Kingfisherg - Patch Face

Semya - Cloud Dog

Do While - Dancing on Diamond Water

matthewdavid + Run DMT - Shit_rendr

10th Letter - Whispering Geode

Ohbliv - Lorb

Dem Hunger - Herat Homosexual

(image via Projection Monitor)

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The Dene Road - Whin Sill :