Wednesday, January 19, 2011


SO I figured I'd drop a message before this week's request. Just wanted to remind y'all that I now host a radio program on Newtown Radio called Friendship Bracelet Radio. The show airs Wednesday evenings (LIKE THIS EVENING) from 6-8PM EST. Stream from Every week for the past who knows how many weeks, Marissa A. Ross (Tangents & The Times) has requested a song to be played on the radio show I have been a part of at the time. Here's what she wants to hear this week:

So, I totally slept on this, which apparently came out in September or something? Where was I? I should have been on top of Electric Sunset's every move considering how devastated I was about the dissolution of Desolation Wilderness. I mean, I had "Soda" but then I guess I just forgot? I don't know. I don't have any legitimate excuses for myself. Whatever. Okay, so I've been totally jamming on this album this week. It has all the synthy vibes that are prevalent right now but, it's a lot poppier I think. It's so chill yet so melodic & upbeat. It's like, chill-pop. That's what I'm deciding. I really have no qualifications to be making up genres, but whatever, lol. Like that's ever stopped me! This is the blogosphere, where people who have no business talking about things, come to talk about things! Especially things they don't have business talking about! LOL! Alright, so I may not have the jurisdiction to carve out new niches but chill-pop or not, today I'm requesting Electric Sunset's "Last Night On Earth". I can't tell you how perfect it is to listen to while driving to work, three bong rips deep, under a perfectly clear blue sky. On that note... hm, yeah, I should probably get to work now.

Electric Sunset - Last Night on Earth (stream from Muxtape)

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles based blogger who enjoys music, potato salad and jerking off all day because she works from home. Check out her personal blog, Tangents & The Times, and follow her on Twitter @MarissaARoss.

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