Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Branches just released "Bons Tempos," a new song and video to ring in the new year. Really digging the groove, but IT'S ONLY 90 SECONDS LONG. You'll find yourself pressing play over and over, I'm sure. Check the song and video and all the previous Branches stuff you should check out. Branches will release a tape on Triple You Tapes later on this year.

Branches - Bons Tempos

Branches - bons tempos from Carlos Oliveira on Vimeo.

ALSO: Just before the new year, Branches sent over a re-working of his track "Salão Flamingo" by Sunnybrook. One of the comments on the Soundcloud describes it perfectly:

"woozy warm flooded lawn, gorgeous, slidin back in to the bathtub"

Branches (feat. Sunnybrook) - "Salao Flamingo II" by Sunnybrook



Branches - Salão Flamingo

Branches - Cool Kids

Branches - Vamos

Branches - Alto Astral (excerpt)

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