Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Russell Butler's recording and performance project Black Jeans belts out seriously dramatic goth synthesizer shit. Black Jeans also knows how to get sugary way out in space. The first two tracks of his four-song demo got this dark gut-croon, you know, Ian Curtis. Sort of like an energized Silk Flowers, but I say that mostly cos of the voice. The first track, "Canyons," embodies this dark-as-fuck sensibility, vocals blazing. The next two are a bit different, the third an amorphous blob of buzzing, pulsing wind and the fourth a straight-up downer pop gem, heaps of harmonies emerging from and sinking back into hissing oblivion. Check out these samples then download the demo.

Black Jeans - Visa Stamp

Black Jeans - Canyons

(via Don't Die Wondering)

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