Sunday, January 9, 2011


First peeped Temple Songs on No Fear of Pop a few weeks ago, then Don't Die Wondering posted their song "I'll Be Just Fine" the other day to remind me. Temple Songs is the appropriate comedown from seeing full band rock n roll performances by Julian Lynch and Ducktails on consecutive nights this weekend - loosely strung pieces of dusty pop, always at a distance, always super dreamy. At times it's got this bleak Melted Toys echo going ("I'll Be Just Fine"), at other times the riffs come off powerful, hopeful even. These moments remind me of a low fidelity version of a some higher fidelity pop bands of the past couple years, like Girls or Smith Westerns ("Golden Nites") or even Deerhunter ("Hey, Get Some Sleep").

Henning from NFOP says "the whole thing sounds as if someone had accidentally thrown the master tape into the family pool."

Ummm... "accidentally," right.

The Temple Songs EP is available for free download from bandcamp.

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Fucking OATH! x