Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hans-Joachim Roedelius is well-known as being one of the key players in the birth of Krautrock, whether recording as Kluster (or Cluster), Harmonia, or on his lonesome. His solo album Selbstportrait I has just been re-released by Bureau B for the first time ever since seeing its original release in 1979 on Sky Records. The label has released one song for the public, "Staunen im Fjord." The track resembles a deconstruction of Cluster and Harmonia to their least flashy and most deliberate, ticking by like the unwavering hands of a timepiece. However, there's no rigidity. There's no seemingly constrictive force, rather a fluid but inevitable path from the beginning towards the end. Bureau B refers to the album as "unfiltered personality, the real Roedelius."

Roedelius - Staunen im Fjord

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