Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I'm requesting Billy Crystal's "You Look Marvelous," because half the shit I've been downloading lately is just a heavy precursor to this song. Also because I usually put this on after I've blow-dried my hair & moisturized & I'm staring at myself in my mirror in my underwear. I just sing "YOU LOOK MARVELOUS" to myself over & over again. I took a tip from Stephen Colbert & his Cheap Trick warm-up. Yeah, he sings Cheap Trick to himself in the mirror before his shows BECAUSE HE'S A PROFESSIONAL. Personally, Billy's voice in this just really revs my confidence. I don't know what it is. Billy Crystal is just so flattering & inspirational. It's like, "You know what, Billy? I DO HAVE THE LEGS OF A DANCER! I've been doing Tracy Anderson's Dance Cardio every morning as my New Year's Resolution! I AM going to go network the shit out of this mixer at the Marriott!"

Ha! I'm just kidding. All of that was a huge joke! Except the whole me dancing to this in my underwear in the mirror. Definitely every morning. And the Dance Cardio. Definitely not every morning.

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