Thursday, January 13, 2011


Lapti (Moscow, Russia) uploaded a new collaboration with Nocow (St. Petersburg, Russia) to his Soundcloud. "Sirenas (Part 1)" is a three minute piece of ambient bliss, bordering on mournful dirge cos of the slow, slow pace and emotive wisps of female vocal. Another one Lapti's upped since I mentioned him in September is "Alligator Tamer," on the completely opposite side, a more upbeat version of Lapti. Check those two plus a couple remixes.

Lapti & Nocow - Sirenas (part.1) by Lapti

Lapti - Alligator tamer by Lapti

Steve Spacek - dollar (lapti mix) by Lapti

Mims - like this (lapti fade mix) by Lapti

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