Thursday, January 6, 2011


Felix Uran is another one of Dramatic Records' Endless House dudes I mentioned recently. These dudes got some idea that they'd release "archive packs" (including photos and postcards) of "long lost" jams referencing early electronic and kraut music but in a super futuristic manner that no one in 1973 would've ever dreamed of. Not to be a party pooper, but the reason no one in '73 would've dreamt this shit is cos there's no way it was actually made back then.

I mean, it's a good marketing ploy, don't get me wrong. And the music's huge and expansive, warping from one pulsating German influence to another, but forget suspending your disbelief, cos there's nothing to believe in. Just look past the fiction and enjoy the sounds.

Dudes sent over a couple more tracks shrouded in "mystery," both from Mr. Felix Uran. The first, "Masprojekt (On Earth)," gets going like some spaced-out Cluster piece. It appears on the Endless House record alongside the previously mentioned Klaus Pinter and Rasmus Folk, while the second track here, "Masprojekt (To The Stars)," is some sort of bonus material not found on the record.

Grab these then buy the "archive pack."

Felix Uran - Masprojekt (On Earth)

Felix Uran - Masprojekt (To The Stars)

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Andy G. said...

Incredibly slick and sick tunes.