Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Moon Glyph continues its impressive string of cassette releases with Camden's Living Image tape. Camden is the solo project of Cole Weiland from Daughters of the Sun, who released their Ancient of the Ancients c28 on Moon Glyph some time ago. In fact, this is Camden's second Moon Glyph release following the Life of Devotion c24 (which I'm totally checking out now).

Living Image maneuvers its way through bubbling forms of ambient noise and kraut oscillations, higher-register twinkles squirming their way to the top above buzzed-out vocalizations and throbbing drones. It's easy to get lost in the tape, given its cohesiveness and dedication to a certain parameter of sound. There is never a purely ambient moment, never a purely black-noise moment, rather a viscous middle-ground where the two melt into each other, sometimes nearly into pop forms.

Camden's Living Image cassette is out now, actually dropped back in November. Purchase on the Moon Glyph site. Also, dude's other band Daughters of the Sun has a new LP out soon on Not Not Fun.

Camden - Rules of Order

Camden - Bloodloss

(image via FAT DUDES via trashcanland)

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Henning said...

Ian, there's an "add to cart" link to paypal next to the tape's image (below the LPs) - pretty easy ;)

the tape is just awesome, go buy it folks