Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hadn't heard much of anything from Fluker Love since very early 2010 when his song "Soaked" appeared on Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 3. His self-titled full-length dropped a couple months prior in November 2009, boasting a couple seriously warbled pieces of shoe-gaze like "In Love" and "With You" (check those here). Fast forward exactly one year since the release of FBC3 and here we're posting a remix of "Soaked" by Lapalux, which appears as the last track on Streamer, Fluker Love's tape from last September on Free Loving Anarchists that I didn't know about until the other day. You can stream the whole tape at FLA's bandcamp.

Fluker Love - Soaked (Original)


Fluker Love also has a free Soaked EP to download at his blog. Dude also has a Soundcloud page with a few jams and remixes that aren't on the full-length or the tape or the EP. My favorite, "Mauve," almost has these footwork stutters in there, blipping by as familiar atmospheric swells fill the space to psychedelic capacity.

Mauve by Fluker Love

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